RSIS: Greenhouse building stage 1

The whole aim of the Round Square International Service Project in Peru 2012 was to construct a greenhouse for the Quishuarani community in order to improve their monotonous, carbohydrate rich diet, by providing a way of growing vegetables in the harsh high altitude climate.  The local people of Quishuarani are known as the “Huayruros” in reference to their bright orange & red ponchos. The project aim included working together with the local people in the construction of the large greenhouse in the school grounds and then later assisting in building smaller “cold frames” for individual families.  All the materials were purchased by Round Square.

It was hard work, especially the first day when all the rocks needed to be carted down the hill to the site. Walking  back up the hill was a battle due to the altitude. However it was pretty cold so the work kept us warm and whenever we stopped for a break, we soon were reminded of the air temperature!

The slides show the projection of the project but perhaps not just how physically hard the work was. Despite some frustrations that were beyond our control, the first stage went well and everyone grew fitter and stronger, as well as more skilled as each day progressed.

Alongside the actual greenhouse construction, a small group led by Duncan, dug a long trench from the creek to the site in order to bury a hose to provide water.  We were all very inspired by this group’s endurance and the speed of their progress. The first use of the water was for “burro” = mud!  This was needed to build the rock wall.  Making burro entailed first digging up soil. Not as easy as it sounds as either strong grass roots conspired against being separated from mama pacha or rocks!  The next phase was to actually remove all the small rocks from the soil. Only then could the soil be delivered to the highly skilled burro-makers!  Soon shouts for “burro” could be heard all across the valley as the rocks began to pile up……

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  1. Judy

    Good on all of you.


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