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Short videos made by me on my travels

Great River Amazon Raft Race 2012

No time to write about this right now, as off on another adventure.  Here is  a short video thanking people who so kindly sponsored me.

All donations will go towards helping ACRES establish the first Wildlife Rescue and Education Centre in Lao PDR. The centre will mainly house bears rescued from bear farms. 

The race was tough! I knew it would be tough, but it was way tougher than I imagined! Would I do it again? YES!!

Click on the picture to play the video

When I get a bit more time I will write about the experience and provide some tips.  Suffice to say it was an experience of a lifetime!!

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RSIS: Final stage of greenhouse

After a wonderful 3 day break which included a visit to Machu Picchu, we returned to Quishuarani for the second stage of the project.  We completed the greenhouse and had the blessing ceremony.  Then we split into teams to guild smaller greenhouses for individual families. This was also hard work and we were spread throughout the valley.

The blessing of the greenhouse:

Working on the “cold frames” – mini greenhouses for families:

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RSIS: The Apulaya Centre for Music & Art

We were very fortunate to visit The Apulaya Art & Music Center in Calca, where we enjoyed workshops with Emerita and Valerio who were inspirational in their passion for Andean art and music.

Emerita is a talented artist and sculptor originally from Switzerland who specialises in pre-Incan and pre-Colombian art.  Our session with her involved first drawing a bean that we selected from a dish.  After completing our own drawing, Emerita introduced us to art pieces that centred on beans and lead us to the conclusion that we were only drawing the bean as it is in its current state and not seeing its potential.  We were then encouraged to expand our drawings to include the “potential” of the bean.  “Not only did the pre-Colombian artists “thematize” the physical appearance of a human, vegetable or divine being, but they also manifested it in its totality, with its full potential in which creation, fertility and development are fundamental” (Emerita). This was a unique insight into the meaning and interpretation of cosmo-vision in the Andean art and work Emerita shared with us.

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RSIS: Round Square International Service: Day 1

Day 1: Chorrillos

21 students and 5 teachers from 11 different countries and 18 different schools arrived in Lima on Tuesday July 17th.  On the following morning we all headed off to the Chorrillos day care centre in Lima to paint the playground wall.  It was a good activity to help us get to know each other, as well as provide a service to the centre.

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Daycare centre in Chirrollos

This week I spent some time at a day care centre for needy kids. It was difficult, but also a great experience.  I went every afternoon for 2 hours. The centre is for 1 – 5 year olds and they are there all day from 7:45 to 5pm.  I was first introduced to the centre  by Mr Alan Tin-Win of Markham College and a group of girls on their service work. This particular day they were painting one of the classrooms.

The centre is divided into 4 sections: one section for 1-2 year olds, and a classroom each for 3, 4 & 5 year olds. The centre has its own kitchen and the children are given morning tea, lunch and an afternoon yoghurt type drink. Social workers determine whether families need this support. Health care workers visit regularly to monitor children’s health and growth.  There is also a psychologist who visits to meet work with some of the children with behavioural issues, plus gives support to the teachers. A dance teacher who has his own classroom, takes the classes on rotation, teaching them traditional Peruvian dances.  After lunch all the children have a half hour nap and this you will see in the photos.  They are very cute when they are asleep, but when awake, they are a handful. Several of the boys are quite aggressive – certainly more aggressive than I have ever experienced in children this age.  I was pretty shocked at some of the behaviour and one boy I had to keep a hold of all the time during activities as he would lash out at other kids, completely unprovoked. In one of my sessions, two 4 year old boys had a full on fight and had to be pried apart.

Due to my limited Spanish, I took short sessions in English: numbers, colours, greetings and simple songs plus I did some music activities. I only worked with the 4 & 5 year olds. On the whole the kids were very sweet and loved affection. On my  last afternoon they had a “fiesta” which involved all ages dancing and a visit from Barney. I really enjoyed my time there and will go back when I return from the project in Cusco.

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I love Packing (not)

Here is my first experiment with iMovie……

Please watch in full screen with sound.

Yes I know the jump beats lack precision, but I will improve in between learning spanish vocab

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Español clase : Diá 2………Click on a Pic…..

I will improve……..!  This is day 2…….

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