Who am I?

For those who don’t know me, who have stumbled into my blog, you should leave as this won’t be of any remote interest to you.  However if you really are curious then…………..

Changi Airport: Departure…….

I am on a years’ sabbatical and this blog is for my famly & friends (see the “why?”)  I am Karen and I am a music teacher and Theory of Knowledge teacher at an international school in Singapore.  I am Australian, but have worked in Singapore for a long time. I have three beautiful grown up kids who live at different corners of the globe.  I now also have a grandson (not used to saying that yet!).

I have many other kids too –  lots of students and ex-students who live all over the world. I hope to meet up with some of them on my travels.

This blog should get more fancy over time, as I get the hang of things and explore the possibilities. Its quite fun (although the novelty might wear off). It might even have a title next time you visit. I guess the blog part will tell you where I am and a little of what I am doing, although I can’t promise it will always be up to date

One response to “Who am I?

  1. Sonia Matthews

    feliz cumpleaños, my dear Karen – your godson sends his love and missed you too xx


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