Feliz Compleaños

My birthday was incredible!

Firstly I went on the trek up into the mountains with the second group of students, who were fitter and did not moan every few steps.  The day was beautifully clear so we had magnificent views of the mountain range, all the way.  We arrived much earlier and being far more acclimatized, once the students were settled in the camp, I ventured further with Baldir, one of the guides.  Baldir was keen to investigate an interesting rock face he had spotted so we headed off at a cracking speed.  Sadly we had to make the responsible decision to turn back before we reached the glacier, as we did not want to risk it being too dark on our return. However the walk we did was spectacular, even if we did not reach the glacier.

In the morning the guides sang happy birthday to me and we headed back down the valley. Unfortunately a small group of girls were exceptionally slow and I got lumbered with being at the rear of the group.  When we finally stumbled into Copa Grande, a surprise awaited me!!

Then the two ladies who cooked our lunch came out with a spare hat for me to put on for a photo!

In the evening Harry bought out another cake and this time everyone sang – however I was a bit untrusting of his intentions with the cake!

Below are photos from my birthday as well as activities with group 2 of the outdoor ed trip.  (and even one of me getting in the river!  me and cold water?)

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2 responses to “Feliz Compleaños

  1. Sonia Matthews

    Sounds like you had a great day – I’m glad! S & V x

  2. Judy

    What wonderful memories you are collecting, I love sharing all this fun and beauty it certainly is a stunning country. Love mum


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