RSIS: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

We departed Cusco city on a coach and headed to The Sacred Valley of the Incas, also known as the Urubamba Valley.  After a short stop in Pisco where we enjoyed browsing the markets, we settled into our hotel for the next 3 days while we acclimatised. Qawana Lodge is in a beautiful setting, directly on the Urubamba River, near Calca.

The food was also amazing!

On one of the acclimatising activity days when the students went rock climbing,  I took a day off and went walking along the river. I crossed over the footbridge in the nearest little village then walked along the opposite bank for about an hour before crossing back over at San Jose: another tiny village, nearer to Calca. Along the way a lamb appeared out of nowhere and followed me! In the small village, a couple of children were herding a family of pigs (mum, dad and piglets).  I also passed a very ferocious dog who charged me, snarling and snapping and barking.  I was completely convinced he was going to rip my ankles to shreds, but luckily he was more woof than bite.  I admit to huge sighs of relief as he finally backed off, only to soon realise that I had taken a wrong turn and needed to go back past the damn dog again!  As I retraced my steps I prayed the slavering beast was not habouring rabies!

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3 responses to “RSIS: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

  1. Stacy

    R U still looking for a team for the 2012 Amazon race. If so, contact me for more info. Regards!


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