Pachacamac is an archaeological site near Lima, built between c.200-1450 CE, before the arrival and conquest by the Inca Empire. 17 pyramids have been identified, mostly temples.  The site has layers of buildings with the earliest being c. 200-600 CE, then later the Huari built their administrative centre on this site (600-800 CE). After the collapse of the Huari empire, Pachacamac grew as a religious centre with many temples being built (c. 800-1450 CE).

The Incas invaded the area and used Pachacamac as an administrative centre but also allowed the Pachacamac priests to continue their priesthood.  The Incas added 5 more buildings plus a temple to the sun.

After exploring Pachacamac we went to an interesting restaurant in Lurin. It was if we had been transported to Bali! It was built with bamboo. The kitchen was outside with clay ovens. The food was  amazing!

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